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Unicode is an "international" attempt to unify all the major written languages of the world in a computer code. In particular, this unifies the 16 bit Kanji, 8 bit European (Cyrillic etc) and 7 bit ACSII character sets. A "major" languages is defined as a laguage in use by more than a certain number of people (I think the number is 10 million), though certain archaic languages like Latin and Samskrit are included for their historical appeal. The standard defines encoding for languages for which none presently exists (all Indian languages and a few more). The MAJOR perceived advantage is that multilingual textual messages (e-mail etc) can be seamlessly created without needing gizmos such as quoted printable encoding.

Most high end Microsoft product use Unicode. For example, it is the basic character set in Windows NT 4.0. Increasingly large number of other vendors are switching to it. For example, the software that came with my new DVD player is implemented in unicode which means (in principle) I can watch the subtiltles to the DVD movies in any language I want.

The standard for Oriya character set is defined in Unicode, though I don’t know how well, but it is available in the unicode home page ( http://www.unicode.org/ )

Current Unicode Oriya Font Standards:(The following are collected from Unicode Standard web page)

The fonts used in these charts were provided to the Unicode Consortium by a number of font designers. Information on these font vendors is available at



N.B. My font "Maan" is NOT a Unicode standard font.